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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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-- marin side. good morning . >> we have rain and snow and dangerous conditions on the roads. >> all right. let's get a check of the roads and the storms. not the first right? >> yesterday it was the first well actually even sunday was the first for this year yesterday the second and today is a tail end and a third storm is coming in later this afternoon with the fourth coming by the end of the week. so, it's just wet out there and get familiar with the umbrella and mud boots and water boots what have you want to call them because a lot of rain. when you see the area of yellow and orange that's moderate to heavy rainfall around the bay area. right now we are getting hammered around the in a vat -- novato area and 580 towards richmond. highway 116 out of the petaluma area towards napa heavy rainfall a little break in the
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activityand 580, 608 corridor and moderate rainfall around union city drifting into this area. san mateo bridge is wet and in san francisco that's a light rainfall all this is on the tail end of the system that worked into the bay area yesterday now we have tropical moisture and it's going to be a little more on the mild side. from 40 santa rosa and in the mid-40s throughout rim of the bay and wind are under 10 but later today, 20 to 30 miles per hour winds. gusts up to 40. and we are not going to be surprise stod see a wind advisory. today's high temperatures in the 50s. a little bit more mild than yesterday and again, heavier rain is working its way into the bay area. we will track that together but first let's go over to roqui. >> reporter: let's look at the bay area roads wet but the
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traffic has not started. it's just begun. here's the marin county commuteinto the golden gate toll plaza 14 minutes and it is special the golden gate bridge only 3 lanes are opened on both side and that's due to mechanical problems with the barriers. so we will let you know when it's back up to regular. here's bay bridge toll plaza into done town san francisco we have cash lawns but back fast track looks good just drive slow because the roads are wet. to the maze that takes 18 minutes and traveling into the peninsula a very wet look at the san mateo bridge from haywood taking you 14 minutes. let's look at the traffic along the altamonte pass out of triesy down the to 30 -- tracy down to 39 mice per hour 36 miles per hour so north tracy boulevard to the pass up to about 30 minutes heading into livermore frees up on dublin
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interchange the pass is 608 takes 15 minutes. trays the traffic. the rain is here and this is what it looked like last night and this is time-lapse video. it's expected to rain throughout the day and into tomorrow. from rain to snow this is what it looked like on mount hamilton yesterday a hiker shared the pictures and said this was two inches of snow on the ground which caused some issues for drivers. >> it started snowing. it was light and got heavy and i decided to come down rather be safe than sorry. >> roads lead together peak is closed as a precaution. lick observatory is shut down until the weather is better. skiers and borders are enjoying the snow in the mountains. this is what it looked like in the sierra at least 12 inches of snow is expected around lake tahoe by tomorrow. the national weather service says a winter storm warning is
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in effect from now until early thursday morning. a authorities are trying to figure out how the u.s. customs and border protection system malfunctioned leaving thousands of travelers in limbo. miami international was one of the hardest hit airports airport hit. ac broke and making one personfall ill and express global entry program was down. >> it was insane the globalentry pass was denied and there was a line of a,000 people or more. it was absolutely despicable. coming from mexico back into the united states we wanted to get home and they wouldn't let us. >> atlanta sought same cameous customs officers had to manually log people enterearth u.s. lines stretched around the terminal no end in sight. passengers took to social media to express frustrationss.
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airport told us the computers slowed down at one point but did it fully crash as for other local airports oakland was not affected. the outage trouble lasted four hours. a lot of people are wondering what's next for the 49ers. the team needs a new coach and general manager that's not all. city leaders in santa clara could declare a legal war later today. >> santa clara's proud to be one of the most liveable cities. >> reporter: like warring spouse who is won't mention the other's name. >> home to technology leaders and world class college cities that treasures. >> reporter: recent tv add oohed the mayor touts everything good in santa clara without mentioning the 49ers by name. hinting at potential problems for the storeied franchise far off the field. the. >> the trust level with the 49ers is very low. >> reporter: stadium authority that represents the 1.3 billion
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dollar investment will meet behind closed doors to see pf they will go to war launching a likely costly legal battle to force the 49ers to turn over key financial document. >> the city of santa clara is the own eater. er of the is it a -- sowner of the stayed -- is the owner of the stadium and we have a responsibility for the taxpayers and residents to make sure we are properly managing a very valuable asset. >> reporter: the 49ers say they are in compliance with the spirit and letter of the agreement with the city having twice opened the books to auditors who visited the team headquarters. much of the antagonism states from the event to rent soccer fields next to the stadium mobilizing the community. and so the seeds of a deep- rooted distrust that has never completely gone away. >> sometimes you've choice to pick a fight or not. this fight came to us. and this was not something we ever wanted to do. but the fact of the matter is the 49ers won't negotiate in good faith and won't on the
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books. >> reporter: devin fehely. the team is launching theer is. for the next head coach and general manager. the 49ers owner fired trent balky who was gm for the last 11 years. chip kelly was with the team for one year and owner york is getting defensive about his decision to get rid of them. >> nothing i am going to say is going to be satisfactory and again we are going to be judged on what we do and accomplish. we haven't accomplished enough am i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. >> york says he wants to shift the team to a championship culture but has not explained exactly how he plans to do that. the bay area woman who survived a kidnapping is feeling trapped for another reason. kpix5 shows us how the victim is coping with harassment online. >> reporter: it's almost 2 years since vallejo police held the press conference accusing
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denise huskins and aaron quinn of a elaborate kidnapping hoax and the kidnapping was no joke and man who did it is now behind bars. but we have learned despite that the couple is now being harassed and bullied online. the message on new year's day begins with a question, are you the horrible lying woman who faked her own kidnapping? deness huskins posted it on her facebook account from man who calls himself jfry mcfaden and he says want to slap you a few times. rest of the note too vulgar she says this is one example of messages like this i received. and she says it had an impact after reading this i went into one of my many ptsd episodes of terror. denise and her boyfriend aaron quinn have been on a legal and emotional roller coaster since march 2015 when she was kidnapped and held for ransom for two days. police initially didn't believe
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her story. >> if anything, it's mr. quinn and miss huskins that owes the community a apology. >> reporter: months later the kidnapper broke into another home and was captured. he pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in march. both aaron and denise kept their distance from the limelight speaking through their attorney but yesterday aaron broke his silence or social media calling for people to remember words are powerful and use them to lift people up instead of tearing them down. in vallejo chris ayers. the hollywood sign will get extra security thanks to the new year's prank. someone covered sparts of the sign with harp so it read hollyweed now the surveillancesystem is getting technology to keep people from tampering with it. >> it's 4:49. for people have been killed as storms within the across the south. more on the threat lingering there this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at least 4 people have been
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a fast moving storm system is leaving a travel damage as it moves across the south. at least four people have been killed and more severe weather is possible as the storms move east. hena daniels has more. >> reporter: a string of violent storms are sweeping through the south. bringing heavy rain and flash flooding. making roads treacherous. and bringing down trees and power lines. in southeast alabama four people were killed monday night when a tree fell on their mobile home. the national weather service says more than a dozen tornado sightings have been reported in georgia alabama and mississippi. >> it peeled off like a tin can. >> reporter: jill was inside the soon to open nor shot in gulf shores alabama when the storm moved through. >> we were watching and then all of a sudden it was on top of us just that fast. the building shook. >> reporter: animals had to be rescued from the alabama gulf coast zoo. >> the cages were blown into the pond and they were in the
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water until we could get to them. >> reporter: the severe weather threat remains for parts of alabama, georgia and florida through morning. hena daniels, cbs news. the latest storm system is the second major rainfall within the last few days for some areas. parts of southern mississippi and southwest alabama have received more than 8 inches of rain since saturday. if you are trying to get rid of christmas decorations recoly has a ecofriendly way to do it. the trees will be sent through the wood chipper to make mulch and biomass fuel. the wrapping paper bocks and bottles will go through a 1.6 million dollar trash sorter and the idea is to repurpose thetrash as fast as we make it. >> where does this stuff go? >> well the bottles stay right here in the bay area and go to a glass plant and get made into new bottles. they are back on the shelf in 6 weeks. >> the system can handle nearly 700 tons of material per day.
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it was designed in the netherlands and is the largest of its kind in north america. i got rid of the tree yesterday. >> you did. >> put it to the curb and i didn't want to but my wife had take hen off the lights and decorations and i wanted to keep it up for a couple weeks i liked it. >> i know it's nice to see it. my tree decorations are still there because i just got back in town so that won't happen until this weekend. >> until you tell your husband to get rid of it. >> that's true. >> my decision relies on the boy scouts because they come collect it and you give them donation you know and they appreciate it. but so i am going to have to spend every night taking down the bulbs and carefully wrapping them up i love boy scouts and they do that. >> that's great. >> i wish they would come in and drag it out. >> extra tip. >> i saw a tree coming in with a covering over it which is probably a really good idea this morning because we have the rain now. we have the rain yesterday and we will have days of rain.
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good morning this is the live high def doppler radar and we have pockets of heavy precipitation in the north bay and east bay. we are starting to see pockets of yellow pick up around the santa cruz mountains. this is all the tail end of the system that brought us some rain showers yesterday. you can see highway 130 that is rain. big difference between yesterday and today is we have warmer air mass filth egg into the bay area. so santa rosa area yesterday we were at 32 degrees. this morning we are in the 40s. so we don't have the snow and local mountains. your east bay right now wow, look at the vacaville area and walnut grove as we head towards the sacramento valley. and as we traverse over into the san francisco area, it's wet from golden gate bridge into the ripmon district. this is a pretty light moderate rain around the western addition working its way towards jackson street to hyde street into chinatown this morning. so, no matter where you are at today, it will be raining at one point or another.
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again this right now is a system from yesterday tapping into subtropical moisture behind it we have a colder sis them a will work et cetera way in. but we are getting fueled with the warmer air mass. bottom line is cloudy and rainy today. and currently look at the numbers. it was 32 at this hour in santa rosa and now 40. in the high 30s in oakland and we are now at 48 degrees. winds are not problematic at this hour they are light under 10 miles per hour but they will increase 20 to 30 miles per hour gusts up to 40 and series of areas of low pressure stacked up over the pacific. high pressure way over there. they are burning the jet stream to over here which means we have rain all the way through next monday. this is your futurecast. this is all the way to the evening hours where we have rain continuing and heavy pockets of rain at times. wednesday some lingering showers throughout the area. we want to buy a little break on thursday. we could see a lingering shower we will be dry on friday. partly to mostly cloudy and the more ran by friday night.
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between now and thursday night, easily up to 2 inches of rain throughout most of the bay area. look at san jose progecked rainfall amounts. 2 1/2 inches and santa cruz mountains a winter weather advisory for high noon for the high sierra and then warming with the approaching system. we expect a foot of snow from the currencies tem. the one coming in will produce 2 to 3 feet of snow above 7,000feet elevation. there's the afternoon high temperatures into the 50s up to about 57 degrees, 58 for the outside number. wednesday, again lingering showers. and lingering shower is possible on thrs but the bulk of the day is dry through friday and a more rain friday night through saturday mother system on sunday, and through monday. rocky -- roqui we are busy for days. >> reporter: if you are headed up 08 or highway 50 the chains are required because of the snow. 447 -- 4:47 we have a live shot in san jose look at 101 at
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tremble in both directions looking good. so thanks to the folks out there braving the cold and wet weather. let's move on to the other maps. looking at altamont pass we have not seen red arrows along this way in a long time. we are back after holiday traffic looking at tracy off 205 moving at 20 miles per hour and30 miles per hour. so to the all the mont pass 32 -- alta mont pass and into the dublin interchange moving slowly as well. altamont pays will take 15 minutes. from hayward across the span of the san mateo bridge cars are moving slowly because the roadways are wet. so 880 to 101 will take 13 minutes but drive safely out there. if you are taking northbound 880 to the downtown oakland look at nimitz freeway from 238 on 880 northbound to the maze taking 16 minutes and into downtown oak lan at bay bridge
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toll plaza we have cash lanes backed up otherwise good through the tolls. car teenas bridge 19 minutes and metering lights turning on around 5:30. starting today hundreds of thousands of people in the bay area will have a different source for tap water. crews are shut down the hetch headchy tunnel. >> reporter: for two months bay area water won't be coming from here. inspection work on the mountain tunnel starts the artery connects the bay area to the hetch hetchy reservoir. >> the line is deteriorate and it's time to make the attestment and make repairs. >> reporter: public utilities commission says itcally the pipeline close for maintenance every other year for month. this time it will be closed for 60 days. the inspection will determine if the puc can repair mountain tunnel or whether it will have to build a new one. >> it will be close to the original one but once that went
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into service you have two tunnels and we are looking at that as a advantage because redundancy in the water system is good. >> reporter: a new tunnel would cost 620 million dollars to build. and would take several years. but if inspeccors determine the tunnel needs repairs, it do -- inspectors determines the tunnel needs repairs it could be more shut downs for now tap water comes from reservoirs and two water treatment plants in sinol and san bruno. >> our reservoirs are high quality water sources. >> reporter: kpix5. >> the sfp uc switched the supply to the local reservoirs a couple weeks ago but it will all be finalized today. soon it could be a little tough to get to the marin headlands. they are starting repairs and they are refurbishing the half
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mile cavern. drivers will still be able to get to the headlands but going along the coastal route and could take up to an extra 2 hours. the tunnel is expected to close next monday and should reopen early next may. time 4:51. samsung trying to get back on track announcing a new phone. we will tell you more about the galaxy a next.
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live here. the cost of living in the bay area has many questions how long they will be able to afford to live here. as john blackstone reports p palo alto all but highest earners are priced out. >> reporter: jessica clark live all her life in palo alto but housing is so expensive even
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her kids know that their family can't afford it much longer. >> they have questions about where we are going school next year what if we have to move where we going to go and that's questions a 6-year-old shouldn't ask. >> reporter: clark and her husband a medical therapist pay 85% of their income on rent. a 2 bedroom apartment now averages 3800 a month and well out of reach for tara hunt a kindergarten teacher who taught here for 11 years. she is struggling to stay. >> i am considering moving back home. >> mid-30s moving back in with your parents. >> i know a lot of people who are doing it. a lot of my friends are doing it. we don't have any other options. >> reporter: with the median house price in palo alto 2.5 hillion dollars nearly doubling in the -- million dollars nearly doubling in the last four years even the reasonably well-off feel shut off many kate downing is a attorney and her haus software engineer with your earnings and your husband together you are in the top 2%. >> that's right. >> reporter: you conditioned
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afford a house. >> no. >> reporter: downing resigned from palo alto planning commission with a letter in which she lamented the city becoming a place where young families have no hope of ever putting down roots. she and her husband are moving 40 miles away to buy a house. should we feel sorry for you? >> no. no. i don't think anyone should feel sorry for me but i think people we should feel sorry for is people that can't do that what do you tell people that are cooks and cops and teachers and nurse and people you don't want to lose you can lose a lawyer but you can't lose the people that are the backbone of the city. >> i see the end of the road and it's hopeless feeling. >> reporter: jessica clark thinks the hometown is so wealthy that soon only the extremely wealthy will call it home. if you are heading to fill up the tank be warned drivers are paying the highest new year's gas prices since 2014. when today's national average at 2.35 a gallon last year at
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this time, it was under $2. mostly because crude oil prices are climbing. on the bay area the average price in oakland for regular gaze is 2.76. and that's according to aaa and in san jose it's 2.72 and in san francisco, the average is 2.88. after a problem on the launch pad few months ago spacex says they are ready to try again. this is what happened last september it's falcon rockets and facebook satellite cargo exploded in the the fireball. now after an exhaustive investigation found elon musk says they are ready to go after it again. lift off this sunday morning atvandennenburg air force base in california. samsung is unveiling three new smart phones the new galaxy a will come in three sizes and samsung says they will be less expensive. they will be water and dust resistant with a 16 mega pixal camera many that has a selfie hoed. -- mode. details of the other phones
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have not been released and it's not clear when the galaxy a will beavailable in the u.s. it's the first launch since pulling the note 7 off the market due to them catching fire while charging. time 4:57. turkish authorities say they are close to identifying the gunmen in the istanbul nightclub massacre that killed 39 people. the latest on the investigation next. >> and no general manager no head coach and now a potential legal battle with the city of santa clara. we have the latest on the continuous struggle between the 49ers and the city it plays in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cb is s bay area studios this is kpix5 now is. >> part of the bay area getting pelted with rain this morning. and the sierra getting hit with what's expected to be multiple feet of snow. and we are on storm watch this morning. good morning everyone it's tuesday, january 3rd, and i am
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michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. a live look at the pyramid in san francisco. can't really tell right now but it's raining out there. get your umbrellas ready and uponchpos ready and maybe a tarp. i don't know. it's going rain. >> galoshes. >> i love that word galoshes. >> you made a interesting point when you said tarp maybe in the morning but during afternoon when the winds increase it's going to be one of the days where the umbrellas go inside out. >> so wrap yourself with a tarp. >> and have a hoody on. >> okay i want to stay dry. >> it's epic is that last year we had a phenomenal ski and boarding season but when they were doing the snow pack and measuring it we have the plew bird sky in the background today when they measure it because today is the day about 11 in the morning, it's going to be snowing and so dramatic and it's going to be wonderful. i am a little excitemented. >> two -- excited. >> two years ago and it


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